I Can and I Will

I have been working and preparing for Irma which is why I didn’t write yesterday. 

We spent time at my parent’s, helping to make sure they were prepared for the storm. Our sons got ready, the older one prepared himself to work, he had on steel toe boots, sun hat, and work clothes.  Meanwhile the baby boy had on slides and shorts, drastic difference. So, we arrived and immediately we noticed my moms aid didn’t show up to help with her personal needs, apparently she had to evacuate at the last minute. My dad took “flat head” outside and they began securing everything outside the home to withstand the winds. Flat head is a nickname that dad gave our son years ago. My dad has a nickname for all of our sons. 

The two of them went outside and our youngest and I stayed inside. I put on my CNA hat and went to work.  As I was working with my mom all of a sudden as I was putting lotion on her I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I had the opportunity to serve and help the person who carried me for 9 months. The person who made sure I was healthy, clothed, safe, and had a meaningful childhood.  Not only that she lived a Godly life in front of us, considering everything I witnessed her go through she never gave up on her family!  

If you have never had to take care of another person you may not understand how big of a job it is. As I worked with my mom I had some struggles, after all I am not a trained CNA, but I have learned how to take care of her. She and I worked together and when we finished, she was so grateful. I don’t think she knew that it was my pleasure and I was the one grateful to have a mother to help. 

There are struggles in life, but we will survive. We never know what day will be “that day”, but it will cone. Be encouraged!

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭NASB‬‬

We are all stronger than we think!  We can do it!

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