I am Marshaun a resident of Florida.  I live a simple but very fulfilling life as a believer, wife, mother, daughter, aunt, and so much more.  I was born in a very small southern town, but grew up in Minneapolis MN.  I have three children that I am very proud of and a husband that makes me very happy.  I am writing this blog in hopes that it will help, inspire, encourage, and inform others.  Overall, my goal is to be healthy.  My mother suffered a stroke almost fours years ago at the age of 58.  My mother went to work that day, just like she did every other day however late that night after dinner and having a conversation with my father she suffered a major stroke.  That stroke has impacted her life tremendously.  According to my doctor  I  am headed the same direction as my mother.  However, I do not receive what the doctor assumes will happen to me but I do know that I have to be accountable for my own health because I am required to take care of the one body that God gave me.