Welcome to my first BLOG!  I am so excited to share this journey with you!  So, what is my blog about?  It is about my weight loss journey.  See, I have been fighting this weight loss battle for about 30 years now.  I can not remember ever being thin,     not even as a kid. Obesity runs in my family but I am determined to beat it.  I became serious about my weight in my mid- 30's, which is when I decided to have the "lap-band".  I successfully lost about 40 pounds with the band, however I weighed 324 pounds AFTER I lost 20 pounds in preparation for the lap-band.  After dealing with the band for two years, I decided to reverse it and have the "gastric-sleeve".  The sleeve helped me to lose an additional 64 pounds.  In total I lost about 124 pounds.  However, over the last three years I have gained about 60 pounds back, due to various life changes and lack of enthusiasm on my part.  I am recharged and starting something new and I want you to follow my journey and help keep me accountable! On Saturday 09/02/2017 I had an appointment with a weight loss therapist.  I was under the impression that we would just talk about my eating habits and what my pitfalls were.  We did that but after talking to me for about 20 minutes, the therapist said " do you want to try hypnosis?".  I said sure.  I spent 40 minutes under hypnosis. I sat on the couch followed the instructions and I believe it worked.  I was alert the entire time and I could have stopped the hypnosis if I felt uncomfortable or if I didn't agree with what was being said.  While under hypnosis the therapist  said things such as "you will enjoy walking, you will not drink soda/pop, you will not eat high fat foods, you will stick to a low carb/low-fat diet", these are just some of the things that she said among many others that pertained to my diet and exercise routine.  After about 40 minutes she counted backwards from 5 to 1 and I opened my eyes.  When I opened my eyes I was smiling, felt more aware, encouraged, and that I had the strength to lose the 60 pounds that I have gained. I will blog every day to let everyone know how weight loss therapy is working!

God Rules

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Hunger for Christ

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